Ramiro Riquelme, PhD.

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Doctor in Oceanography @ UDEC


Dr. Ramiro Riquelme (Santiago, 1978) is the youngest of two brothers and the father of a son (Martín). Since childhood he was interested in biology and nature. He attended Escuela Salvador Sanfuentes and Liceo J.V. Lastarria for his primary and high school education, respectively. He completed his high school education in Copiapó, Chile.

The University of Concepcion has been his alma mater since 1998 when he began his undergraduate studies in Marine Biology. He received a Conicyt grant to pursue his doctoral studies and obtained his PhD degree in 2012. His doctoral thesis, supervised by Dr. Rubén Escribano follows the main research line in the biology and ecology of euphausiids of the Humboldt Current System (HCS) and its co-variation with the oceanographic environment.

He has participated in different research projects, such as FONDAP COPAS Center and conducted environmental studies with interdisciplinary research groups. He has also participated in teaching activities and has served as advisor and member of undergraduate thesis committees. He has attended national and international Congresses and Workshops.

Currently, he is conducting his second postdoctoral research year at the Millennium Institute of Oceanography. The focus of his research is the study of trophic changes along productivity gradients, oxygen and pH, among others.


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