Francisca Olivares

Master Student @ IMO
Master in Science mention Oceanography @ UDEC



Master Student @ IMO


Marine Biologist @ UDEC
Master in Science mention Oceanography @ UDEC


Marine Biology student - Universidad de Concepción

Research name: PT: Molecular ecology of bacterioplankton through the oxygen gradient in the

South East Pacific.

Objective: Its objective is to develop a study technique that allows to approach the different

metabolisms and ecological role of microorganisms using single cell genomics.

Guide teacher: Osvaldo Ulloa


Master in Science mention Oceanography

University of Conceapción

ComitionUlloa, O.


The Influence of pCO2-Driven Ocean Acidification on Open Ocean Bacterial Communities during A Short-Term Microcosm Experiment in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific (ETSP) off Northern Chile

Microorganisms mdpi | Volume 8, Pages 1-17

doi:10.3390/microorganisms8121924December, 2020

Aguayo, P.Campos, V.L Henríquez, C.Olivares, F.De la Iglesia, R.Ulloa, O.Vargas, C.A.
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