Eduardo Navarro

Technical Staff @ IMO



Technical Staff @ IMO
Marine Biologist @ IMO


Marine Biologist, University of Concepcion, 2002.

Technician at the Physical Oceanography Laboratory. His duties include the maintenance of oceanographic instruments, the preparation and participation in the oceanographic campaigns of the Millennium Institute of Oceanography and other related cruises.

Eduardo collaborates in the processing and analysis of temporal and spatial oceanographic data (in-situ and satellital), the creation of scientific charts and figures for publications and the maintenance of scientific data bases.


Synoptic-scale variability of surface winds and ocean response to atmospheric forcing in the eastern austral Pacific Ocean, Ocean

Ocean Science | Volume 15, Pages 1247-1266

doi:10.5194/os-15-1247-2019September, 2019

Pérez-Santos, I.Seguel, R.Schneider, W.Linford, P.Donoso, D.Navarro, E.Amaya-Cárcamo, C.Pinilla, E.Daneri, G.


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