Bárbara Léniz, Msc.

Outreach Team @ IMO
Master in Oceanography @ UDEC




Outreach Team @ IMO
Technical Staff @ IMO


Master in Oceanography @ UDEC



Marine Biologist, Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción. Master in Sciences, mention Oceanography, Universidad de Concepción.

She is currently the Deputy Director of Outreach Area of IMO. Its function is to disseminate Marine Sciences to society, especially to school community and bring science to society.

During her career, she worked as teacher at Universidad San Sebastián and won the CONICYT scholarship for her Master studies. Barbara has also been a mentor of interesting proposals for scientific diffusion, highlighting her role in the IMO's virtual aquarium, www.sumergete.cl. Also, its participation like scientific advisor in the TV series  "Las Aventuras de Ruka" and "La Receta Científica de Tony Tonina".

She has also developed her career mainly in the educational area, highlighting her participation in the Talent School of UdeC and theoretical-practical workshops in several educational establishments in Biobío Region.

 Bárbara se graduó con el mejor promedio de su generación el año 2005, además logró un reconocimiento por ser la primera egresada de su generación de la carrera de Biología Marina de la UCSC. Finalmente, ha participado en diversos Congresos de las Ciencias del Mar, exponiendo la experiencia del IMO en el área de la difusión y divulgación científica.

She graduated with the best average of 2005 generation, and she also obtained a recognition for being the first graduate of its generation of Marine Biology career at UCSC. Finally, she has participated in several Marine Sciences Congresses, exposing the experience of IMO in the area of dissemination and scientific dissemination.



Diversity and transcriptional levels of RuBisCO form II of sulfur-oxidizing γ-proteobacteria in coastal-upwelling waters with seasonal anoxia

Frontiers in Marine Science | Volume 4, Issue 213, Pages 1-12

doi:10.3389/fmars.2017.00213July, 2017

Léniz, B.Murillo, A.A.Ramírez-Flandes, S.Ulloa, O.


“Tony Tonina: Fins in Action” Performed in the Framework of the Audience Training Program at the Artistas del Acero Cultural Center

The children’s puppet show was again performed, this time in the cultural center Artistas del Acero. On October 24, Tony, Lala, Estelita and Don Gritardo, the main characters of the show, stressed the importance of taking care of our ocean to a group of primary school children

Millennium Institute of Oceanography Joins in Celebrations of the 23rd National Science and Technology Week in Santiago and Concepción

For one week the Chilean community celebrated science, during which Explora organized many events through its PAR projects with the aim of bringing science and technology closer to all Chileans, beginning with children.

Puppet Show “Tony Tonina: Fins in Action” Astonishes Children in Los Ángeles during National Science and Technology Week

In the context of the celebration of the National Science and Technology Week, the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO) took part in the “Science Party” organized by PAR Explora Biobío, an event that seeks to celebrate science, by aiming at the general public and school students.

Millennium Institute of Oceanography and Rendibú Café Offer Talks on Fun Facts about the Ocean

This event seeks to increase public awareness and to make known the wonderful world of the oceans through a series of talks by three IMO doctoral students and the deputy director of Outreach.

Millennium Institute of Oceanography Awarded CONICYT Explora Project on Appreciation and Dissemination of Science and Technology 2018

For the second time since its creation, IMO won competitive funding from the Explora program of the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT), on this occasion in the Appreciation of Science area. In particular, the project represents a connection between IMO’s Development and Technology Transfer and Outreach teams, which will provide training for high school students from schools in the Biobío Region outside Concepción.

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