Juan Carlos Castilla, PhD

Senior Researcher @ IMO
Full Professor @ PUC




Senior Researcher @ IMO


Doctor in Marine Biology @ UCNW


Dr. Juan Carlos Castilla (Chile, 1940) is Professor of State with a major in Chemistry and Natural Sciences of the Catholic University of Chile (1964). He received his PhD in Marine Biology from the University College of North Wales, Great Britain (1970) and his Doctoral Degree on Science from the University of Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom (2008). His postdoctoral work was carried out at the University of Leicester, Plymouth, Great Britain and at the University of Duke, Beaufort in the United States.

His areas of expertise are marine ecology and management and conservation of coastal resources.

In 2010, Dr. Castilla received the National Prize for Applied and Technological Sciences granted by the Government of Chile.

He is a Professor in the Department of Ecology, Faculty of Biological Sciences at the Catholic University of Chile, in Santiago.

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