Gadiel Alarcón, MSc.

Marine Biologist @ IMO
Master in Science mention Oceanography @ UDEC



Marine Biologist @ IMO
Technical Staff @ IMO


Master in Science mention Oceanography @ UDEC


Marine Biologist, Universidad de Concepción, 1999. MSc in Sciences, m/Oceanography, Universidad de Concepción, 2008.

Gadiel is responsible for the coordination of Technical Instructives and their implementation. His duties include the preparation of national and international oceanographic cruises. He organizes and distributes data information from field activities.

He is also responsible for the registration, classification and update of technical equipment.



Environmentally friendly anti-fouling system for oceanographic equipment

Sea Technology | Volume 55, Issue 10, Page 43

October, 2014

Villagrán, V.Alarcón, G.Pizarro, O.
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