Rubén Escribano gave a lecture entitled "A tour through the deep ocean " to the general community

Thursday, May 26, 2016

In the context of the series of talks "Chile more sea than land", on the occasion of the celebration of the Month of the Sea, the IMO deputy director presented the talk entitled "A tour through the deep ocean" in Biblioteca Viva of Mall Plaza del Trébol.

With the aim of bringing the concept of Marine Science to the general public, it is being undertaken this initiative. Rubén Escribano said that the aim of this activity is the dissemination of science on a subject that is not usually addressed: "To inform the public, children, young people and anyone who wants to know more about our planet, the ocean it has been a mystery to humanity for a long time, the world that is beyond the shores of the sea and beyond the surface of the ocean. "

The talk "A tour of the deep ocean," aims to spread a world that is often unknown to the public. About it, Rubén Escribano emphasizes how essential it is to educate through science and in a way closest to the public. "Humans live with the sea, but we do not know about it. If you don’t know it is impossible to care for it, and it is very important that we all help to preserve our planet Earth, that is our only home for now. By spreading the Marine Sciences we make available to anyone new discoveries that science makes day to day and that helps us to be more educated and respectful about our natural environment, "says the researcher.

This series of talks are been organized by COPAS Sur-Austral and Biblioteca Viva of Mall Plaza del Trébol. Moreover, the activity is with free entrance.

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