“Atacamex: Exploring the Unknown” Now Available at Onda Media

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Since June 2, the documentary film “Atacamex: Exploring the Unknown” has been available at the platform Onda Media, owned by Chile’s Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage.

“Atacamex: Exploring the Unknown” depicts the research efforts carried out by a group of Chilean scientists who managed to reach and explore the depths of the Atacama Trench. The wonderful adventure of these scientists, who were led by professors from the Oceanography Department at the University of Concepción (UdeC) and the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO), was portrayed in an exciting documentary film featuring the main milestones of the now-famous Atacamex expedition. One of those milestones was the use of the autonomous vehicle “Audacity”, specially designed and built for the occasion, which served as the instrument that conquered the deepest point of the Atacama Trench (8,081 meters).

According to expedition leader Dr. Osvaldo Ulloa, the documentary “depicts the culmination of many years of work. On top of that, it represents the fulfillment of a great dream: the dream of reaching the deepest point of the Chilean sea, of being the first and only members of the oceanographic community to do so.”

Commenting on this oceanographic milestone’s international impact, Julián Rosenblatt, director of the documentary film, asserts, “Through this popular science film we want to open the windows of our scientists’ research and experiences for the world to see.” That is why “Atacamex: Exploring the Unknown”, which has been successfully screened throughout Chile and at the prestigious “International Science Film Festival of India”, has now been made available at Onda Media, where it hopes to show Chile’s frontier science and get viewers excited about the story of this scientific expedition, which was a major watershed for oceanography in the Southern Cone.

At IMO we want to invite all of you to relive the excitement our scientists felt when they explored the most unknown place of the Chilean sea. That experience, depicted in “Atacamex: Exploring the Unknown”, is now available for free at the Onda Media platform.


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