Documentary Film “Atacamex: Exploring the Unknown” Successfully Premiered

Thursday, June 20, 2019

On June 18, the documentary “Atacamex: Exploring the Unknown”, which tells the story of a group of Chilean scientists who descended to the depths of the Atacama Trench aided by cutting-edge technology,  was successfully premiered at the University of Concepción theater.

The first public performance of the audiovisual piece took place within the framework of the celebration of the University of Concepción’s (UdeC’s) centennial anniversary. It was attended by a large number of people, who were able to get to know firsthand all the details of the now-famous Atacamex oceanographic expedition.

On this important occasion, Moira Délano, UdeC director of institutional relations and secretary of the centennial commission, emphasized, “The University of Concepción makes important, remarkable contributions to our knowledge through the Millennium Institute of Oceanography, which is a significant contribution to the development of science.”

It should be remembered that the Atacamex scientific expedition reached two historic milestones that placed IMO and UdeC among the world’s leading institutions researching the deep sea. Not only did the scientists manage to descend into the depths of the Atacama Trench aided by the lander “Audacity” (an autonomous unmanned free-fall untied-to-the-vessel vehicle), reaching a record depth of 8,081 meters, but they also were able to collect zooplankton samples at a depth of over 5,000 meters using the MOCNESS network.

The wonderful adventures experienced by the Chilean scientists who accomplished such feats have been masterfully depicted in a documentary that shows the human face of the expedition while not forgetting the technical difficulties that had to be surmounted in order to reach its goals.

IMO’s director and project leader Dr. Osvaldo Ulloa asserted, “The expedition was the culmination of many years of work and the fulfillment of a dream: the dream of being able to visit this place, the deepest point of the Chilean sea, which had never been reached by scientists or oceanographers.”

Likewise, Julián Rosenblatt, director of the documentary film, highlighted the value of scientific dissemination when it comes to bringing such achievements to the general public. He noted, “Just like scientists open the windows of their research efforts for other people to see them, I open the windows of their expeditions for the rest of the world to see them. All I look for is for people to be somewhat moved, just like I am whenever I embark with the scientists.”

“Atacamex: Exploring the Unknown” will soon be released in Santiago.

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