Channel 24 Hours to Launch 30-Episode Season of Successful TV Series “Researchers: from Atom to Cosmos”

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Channel 24 Hours TV series “Researchers: from Atom to Cosmos” will feature several centers of excellence for scientific research in order to make known to the public the top-level research projects carried out in Chile and the advances made through them.

This successful TV series is launching its third season on Wednesday April 18 at 16:30, featuring technology, knowledge and research centers. Through its 30 episodes, this new season will present an overview on Chilean scientific research and its contributions to Chile’s development by making known the work done in centers of excellence for scientific research.

Combining innovation, top science and current affairs, “Researchers: from Atom to Cosmos” has become a popular TV show, and many new episodes have been produced as a result. This new season will feature more research centers, and it is important to mention that representatives from regional centers for scientific development as well as from the Production Development Corporation (CORFO) will also take part in the show.

“Researchers: from Atom to Cosmos” brings closer to the public the outstanding work of Chilean scientists, who are at the forefront of global research and contribute to Chile’s development as well as to the population’s quality of life.

This series will also reflect the researchers’ passion to make more discoveries and will surprise the public by presenting original technological advances and applications that will change our way of understanding the world. Each episode will feature three four-minute long reports dealing with the influence of Chilean research both at a national and an international level, seeking to make scientific knowledge useful for common people.

These reports will provide the basis for interesting conversations in the study, which will be hosted by distinguished Channel 24 Hours journalist Nicolás Vial, who will explain the current state of Chilean scientific research in real time and will be in charge of controlling conversations with the guests. The season will begin with an episode on the major development of Chilean astronomy at the Center for Excellence in Astrophysics and Associated Technologies (CATA UC); for that reason, Dr. Nelson Padilla, CATA UC director, will be present in the study.

This new season, the most important one so far, will deal with topics such as the potential benefits of advances in genomics to the early detection of diseases, the challenges posed by mathematics education in schools and the participation of Chilean institutions in the creation of instruments of international importance that will help astronomers to understand the universe.

"Researchers: from Atom to Cosmos" will be broadcast on Wednesdays at 16:30 and repeated on Thursdays at 8:00, on Saturdays at 17:30 and 22:30 as well as on Sundays at 8:30. Moreover, the reports will be available on the Channel 24 Hours' YouTube channel and website.

This series is being produced by Channel 24 Hours in cooperation with Imago Producciones, and is supported by Fundación Ciencia & Videa, the Millennium Institute of Oceanography and the featured research centers.

The following is a list comprising some of the centers featured in the third season:

The Center for Aging and Regeneration (CARE UC)

Fundación Ciencia & Vida (FCV)

The Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO)

The Technological Development Unit (UDT)

The Center of Excellence in Precision Medicine (CEMP)

The Water Research Center for Agriculture and Mining (CRHIAM)

The Center for Excellence in Astrophysics and Associated Technologies (CATA UC)

The Millennium Institute for Research in Depression and Personality (MIDAP)

The Center for Climate and Resilience Research (CR2)

The Agriaquaculture Nutritional Genomic Center (CGNA)

The Center for Research in Ecosystems of Patagonia (CIEP)

The Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM)

The Solar Energy Research Center (SERC)

The Scientific and Technological Center of Valparaíso (CCTVal)

The Center for Optics and Photonics (CEFOP)

The Center for Biotechnology and Bioengineering (CeBiB)

The Marine Energy Research & Innovation Center (MERIC)

The Advanced Center for Electrical and Electronic Engineering (AC3E)

The Scientific and Technological Research Center for Mining (CICITEM)

The Center of Engineering Systems (KIPUS)

The Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics

The Center for Integrative Biology (CIB)

The EMERSON center of excellence / CORFO

The International Centre of Excellence Telefónica I + D / CORFO

The Center for Genome Regulation (CRG)

The Millennium Institute for Research in Optics (MIRO)

"Researchers: from Atom to Cosmos"

Channel 24 Hours – Wednesdays at 16:30 and 22:30;

Saturdays at 17:30 and 22:30; Sundays at 8:30.


For further information, please contact Pablo Rosenblatt in Santiago (phone number: 982286014), Daniela Rusowsky in Valparaíso (phone number: 968455571) or Bárbara Léniz in Concepción (phone number: 984399021).

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