Cristian Vargas, PhD.

Dr. Cristian Vargas (Chile, 1972) obtained his doctorate in Oceanography from the Universidad de Concepción in 2002 thanks to his thesis on plankton communities in the ecosystems of the fjords of northwestern Sweden and their role in carbon flows. As a member of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the Universidad de Concepción, Dr. Vargas has been interested in the area of biological oceanography, aquatic ecosystem metabolism, plankton ecology, biogeochemical cycles and local and global anthropogenic impacts on ecosystems.

Another of Dr. Vargas's interests is the oceanic acidification, which has led him since 2009 to be involved in several programs (Anillos ACT132) and international committees related to the issues. His most important contribution to oceanography is pioneering studies at the level of continent of South America that associate observational field work with laboratory experiments on micro- and mesocosms with multiples stressors.

His main contribution to the Millennium Institute of Oceanography is in the area of the biogeochemistry and the effect of multiple stressors, such as temperature, oxygen and pCO2 on plankton communities..

Dr. Vargas directs the Laboratory of Aquatic Ecosystem Functioning of the Environmental Sciences Faculty. Thanks to the IMO this laboratory recently acquired the necessary equipment for high-standard characterization of the carbonate system of seawater samples (pH, dissolved inorganic carbon, alkalinity, etc.).

In parallel with his research work, Dr. Vargas is the Director of the Center for the study of multiple-drivers on marine socio-ecological systems (MUSELS), NC120086″.

Associate Researcher @ IMO
Associate Professor @ UDEC
Doctor in Oceanography @ UDEC
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