Marcela Cornejo, PhD.

Junior Researcher @ IMO
Doctor in Oceanography @ UDEC



Junior Researcher @ IMO
Associate Professor @ PUCV


Doctor in Oceanography @ UDEC


Dr. Marcela Cornejo (Chile, 1977) is an Oceanographer from the P. Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile (2003). She received her Doctorate in Oceanography from the Universidad de Concepción, Chile (2010).

Her postdoctoral research was carried out in the frame of the CONICYT Proyect #3110158: "Vías alternativas de producción y consumo de N2O en la capa superficial del Pacífico Sur Oriental", Universidad de Concepción, Chile and with the MILOCO hipoxia Project (USA): "Modelamiento del N2O en la Zona de Mínimo de Oxígeno del Pacífico Sur Oriental", PROFC, Universidad de Concepción.

Currently, she is an associate professor at the Escuela de Ciencias del Mar, Facultad de Recursos Naturales, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile.

Marcela Cornejo


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Front-Eddy Influence on Water Column Properties, Phytoplankton Community Structure, and Cross-Shelf Exchange of Diatom Taxa in the Shelf-Slope Area off Concepción (∼36–37°S)

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Marine Ecology Progress Series | Volume 571, Pages 83-96

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