Evelyn Bustos

Mg © Integrated Management in environment, occupational hazards and corporate social
responsibility, University of Concepción.

Marine Biologist, Universidad de Concepción, 2014.

Lic. Marine Biology, University of Concepción, 2013.

From 2014 to February 2016, Evelyn was assistant researcher linked to IMO through the
international collaboration project IAI ANTARES CRN3094 "Oceanographic time series in
America" and the national project FONDECYT 113-0511 "Plankton indicators for change
Climatic ". She participated in 3 congresses of marine sciences: SOMPAC (Mexico, 2015),
COLACMAR (Colombia, 2015) and Congress of Marine Science (Chile, 2015), and in 2
scientific publications:


doi:10.5194/bgd-12- 3057-2015

Actually, Evelyn is an outstanding student of Master Program to Integrated Management in
environment, laboral hazardz and corporate social responsibility in the University of
Conception. Her master proyect goal is to develop an integrated management model, whose
mission is to propose improvements in the activities or processes of our Institute, with an
integral vision of the research center that involve a environmental view, labor and social
systematic, replicable in other research centers.


Master Student @ IMO
Marine Biologist @ UDEC
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