Valeria Anabalón

Doctorate Student @ IMO
Doctor in Oceanography, mention Global Change @ ULPGC



Doctorate Student @ IMO
Technical Staff @ IMO


Doctor in Oceanography, mention Global Change @ ULPGC
Marine Biologist @ UDEC


PhD Student in Oceanography and Climate Change, Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Her thesis is titled: Spatio-temporal variability in planktonic community structures in eastern edge upwelling systems under the influence of coastal upwelling, mesoscale activity and nutrient concentration

Advisor: Dra. Carmen Morales



Variabilidad espacio-temporal en la estructura de comunidades planctónicas en sistemas de surgencia borde oriental bajo la influencia de surgencia costera, actividad de mesoescala y concentración de nutrientes

Doctor in Oceanography, mention Global Change

University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

ComitionMorales, C.E.


Phytoplankton size structure in association with mesoscale eddies off Central-Southern Chile: the satellite application of a phytoplankton size-class model

Remote Sensing | Volume 10, Issue 6, Article 834

doi:10.3390/rs10060834June, 2018

Corredor-Acosta, A.Morales, C.E.Brewin, R.J.WAuger, P.Pizarro, O.Hormazábal, S.Anabalón, V.

Improving the remote sensing retrieval of phytoplankton functional types (PFT) using empirical orthogonal functions: A case study in a coastal upwelling region

Remote Sensing | Volume 10, Issue 4, Article 498

doi:10.3390/rs10040498April, 2018

Front-eddy influence on water column properties, phytoplankton community structure, and cross-shelf exchange of diatom taxa in the shelf-slope area off Concepción (∼36–37°S)

Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans | Volume 122, Issue 11, Pages 8944-8965

doi:10.1002/2017JC013111November, 2017

Morales, C.E.Anabalón, V.Bento, J.P.Hormazábal, S.Cornejo, M.Correa-Ramírez, M.A.Silva, N.

Micro-phytoplankton community structure in the coastal upwelling zone off Concepción (central Chile): Annual and inter-annual fluctuations in a highly dynamic environment

Progress in Oceanography | Volume 149, Pages 174-188

doi:10.1016/j.pocean.2016.10.011December, 2016

The structure of planktonic communities under variable coastal upwelling conditions off Cape Ghir (31°N), in the Canary Current System (NW Africa)

Progress in Oceanography | Volume 120, Pages 320-339

doi:10.1016/j.pocean.2013.10.015January, 2014

Anabalón, V.Arístegui, J.Morales, C.E.Andrade, I.Benavides, M.Correa-Ramírez, M.Espino, M.Ettahiri, O.Hormazábal, S.Makaoui, A.Montero, M.F.Orbi, A.
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