Víctor Aguilera, PhD.

Junior Researcher @ IMO
Doctor in Oceanography @ UDEC




Junior Researcher @ IMO
Researcher @ CEAZA


Doctor in Oceanography @ UDEC


Dr. Victor Aguilera earned his doctorate in Oceanography at the University of Concepción (2010) under the Censor project with partial funding from CONICYT, Chile.

With biological training, Dr. Aguilera did his doctoral thesis assessing interdaily, seasonal and interannual changes in upwelling conditions and their effects on feeding and breeding of marine zooplankton. Several biochemical tools (electrophoresis, lipid analysis, etc.) were used to assess the assimilative efficiency and reproductive performance of zooplankton dominant classes; trying to better explain the prevalence and biological success of some of these species. The key findings of this research include rapid succession --micro phyto plankton in response to changes in upwelling conditions, a high reproductive performance and secondary production by copepods small and dietary unsuspected versatility with high efficiency assimilative by larger class sizes. Along with strategies of spatial and temporal distribution of primary productivity coupled with the findings reached by the thesis of Dr. Aguilera allow us to better understand the biological mechanisms coupled to the variability in conditions and resulting in upwelling high productivity of the system.

Dr. Aguilera carried out his postdoctoral research for three years in the frame of a Fondecyt Project (FONDECYT No. 3110019) to evaluate the effect of geographic variations in salinity and the system of carbonates associated with climate change responses and life history traits in zooplankton. This project was sponsored by the Department of Aquatic Systems of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences EULA, Center, University of Concepcion, Chile; in association with the ANILLO project ACT 132. The main result of this project was to establish the role of environmental history in recent acclimatization and marine zooplankton responses to global changes modulators (CO2 and temperature).

Presently, he is an academic at the Institute of Natural Sciences Alexander von Humboldt, University of Antofagasta, developing a Fondecyt Initiation Project (No. 11130495). The project aims to evaluate the role of the life history of marine zooplankton determining answers to the interaction between local and remote ocean acidification modulators.

His research interests are: Biological Oceanography, Trophic Dynamics of Pelagic Factors Systems and Global Change.


Co-tutor of


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