World Oceans Day was celebrated in “Plaza Tribunales”

Because of the celebration of World Oceans Day, the Millennium Institute of Oceanography joined the activities organized by the Research Centers of Marine Sciences of Universidad de Concepción.

Under the slogan "healthy oceans, healthy planet," IMO was present in the activity in Plaza d Tribunales, in Concepción downtown. Samples of zooplankton, media materials and drawings for children, citizens who transited during the day were able to raise awareness of the diversity and the importance of the marine world.

Laura Latorre, IMO student of Master in Oceanography evaluated the activity: "I think the activity is very positive for the community of Concepcion, I wish we could extend it to the whole country in the future. There are few instances in everyday life where people can approach and have a vision of something unknown. This serves to raise awareness about caring for our ocean. There are no opportunities for them to meet microorganisms such as zooplankton, this generates curiosity so that they can continue learning”.

Barbara Léniz, from outreach team says it is the first time that Marine Sciences Centers from UdeC held this activity and emphasizes in the positive citizen participation. "It was very rewarding to see children, teeenagers, seniors, housewives, interested in discovering the wonders of the ocean. The objective was completely fulfilled, as we celebrate such an important worldwide day on the street. We achieved an impact and perhaps mark the day of those people who visited us, "said the professional.

This activity has organized by IMO, COPAS Sur Austral, Laboratory of “Ingeniería en Biotecnología Marina y Acuicultura” (IBMA), Interdisciplinary Center for Aquaculture Research INCAR and the Laboraotry of “Estudios Algales” Algalab.

Other news

MACI took the stunning ocean depths to students of Cabrero

Itinerant Scientific Audiovisual Show took place during Thursday June 16, at Alto Cabrero School and was attended by 200 children from different establishments of Cabrero, where they could learn more about the organisms living in the ocean.

"Biodiversity in the marine environment" at Mozart Schule School

In the context of "IMO at school", the Millennium Institute of Oceanography visited the Mozart School of Concepcion on 6 June. On the occasion, the monitors led the talk entitled "Biodiversity in the Marine Environment".

IMO and INCAR went to Concepción School with Outreach activities to the littlest ones

On the occasion of the Marine Sciences bring the school community, it is that the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO) with the Interdisciplinary Center for Aquaculture Research (INCAR) visited last Thursday 2 June, Concepción School, from San Pedro.

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