Universidad de Concepción and Explora CONICYT launched a new cartoon series for children “La Receta Científica de Tony Tonina”

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

With more than 100 children from different schools of Concepción, and local authorities was held , the release of "La Receta Científica de Tony Tonina", last August 9, at Centro Interactivo de Ciencias, Artes y Tecnologías (CICAT) . The initiative is an Explora CONICYT project of Valoración y Divulgación de la Ciencia y la Tecnología 2015, awarded by Universidad de Concepción and executed by the Millennium Institute of Oceanography. It also has the participation of Fundación Ciencia & Vida, Canal Regional Biobío and GVG Producciones Ltda.

The series tells the adventures of the chef Tony, a tonina working at the restaurant "Sabores Submarinos." Here, with his magical preparations and ingredients, teaches children different topics in the world of science, such as the Solar System, the layers of the Earth or the senses. Associated with the series, it is also available a website with interactive games, this way students can complement what they see in the audiovisual proposal.

Pablo Rosenblatt, Outreach director of the Millennium Institute of Oceanography, emphasizes the novelty of the proposal which aims to be a support to the educational establishments: "The series is linked to curriculum content and this allows the cartoon to be used in the classroom. We also have a video game. "

Juan Carlos Gacitúa, director of the PAR Explora Biobío and CICAT, highlighted the importance of science and technology in the community. "Biobio region has a strong presence with the sea, thanks to the Millennium Institute of Oceanography and others. Tony Tonina is, undoubtedly, a tool with which children can learn. Strengthening the work of teachers with material of this kind is always enriching, "he said.

"La Receta Científica de Tony Tonina" includes 10 episodes in its first season and from September 26 will be shown by Canal Regional Biobio at 15:50 hrs. In addition, it will also be available through YouTube and the official website of the project www.tonytonina.cl

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