Millennium Institute of Oceanography and Rendibú Café Offer Talks on Fun Facts about the Ocean

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

This event seeks to increase public awareness and to make known the wonderful world of the oceans through a series of talks by three IMO doctoral students and the deputy director of Outreach.

The first two talks, which have already taken place, dealt with acidification and physical behavior, as well as with their implications in the light of factors such as climate and temperature.

On Thursday September 21, Bárbara Léniz, marine biologist and Master in Oceanography, is going to give the talk “The Mysteries of the Oceans: a Voyage to the Depths.” The meeting is scheduled for 6.30 pm in the Rendibú café, which is located in Concepción facing the Plaza de la Independencia.

Ms. Léniz is looking forward to this new opportunity for scientific dissemination. “The talk will be on the mysteries of the deep sea and on our ignorance of them, as well as on the challenges presented by their study. The idea is to invite the public to go on a trip beginning with the best-known environment related to this theme, which is the beach, then entering the open sea and finally arriving at the deep sea,” explains Léniz. The talk will also focus on strange and unknown organisms.

Hans Lozano, founding partner of the Rendibú café, has been promoting this series of talks entitled “On Science and Other Arts”. The entrepreneur is committed to disseminating marine sciences in a non-conventional place. “We wanted to offer friendlier and more down-to-earth talks. Science is something that shouldn’t be thought of as distant. We started with the Department of Physics at the University of Concepción, but then our clients asked us to offer more talks. In less than a day, the event was booked out, showing that there is real interest in science. Additionally, our café is committed to being as eco-friendly as possible and we are working hard to achieve that,” commented Lozano.

IMO’s participation will conclude on September 28 with Dr. Carlos Henríquez, who will talk about the amazing microscopic life in the ocean.

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