Traveling around Biobío Region: MACI arrives to Coihueco

Friday, June 17, 2016

About 300 students from different schools of Coihueco, enjoyed Itinerant Scientific Audiovisual Show, which was successfully held on 14 June.

The activity, developed by the Millennium Institute of Oceanography in collaboration with PAR Explora Biobío, brought together primary and secondary students. Interactive videos of the series “La Fuerza del Mar” and “Las Aventuras de Ruka”; zooplankton samples and didactic materials were the main tools to bring these young students to concepts of Marine Sciences.

Students ended the activity with a set of questions to consolidate the knowledge. Also, they were able to measure temperature of waters with different salinities.

Supplementing teaching is not an easy task. Jennifer Ortiz, sciences professor and coordinator of Coihueco said: "Our students live far away from the coast, so they have no sea culture. They do not know about marine organisms, they can’t recognize them. For us it is important to know an area that is not culturally close to them. In addition, the activity is a complement to what they see in the classroom”.

Tamara Luna, a member of outreach team highlights the importance of scientific literacy training in students. "On this occasion, several educational establishments of the community participated in the activity. We can evidence the need of these communities in getting closer to science. They are far from the sea, many participants were astonished to see the videos we work with"concluded the professional.

In this opportunity, the participants were from: Liceo Claudio Arrau León, Niblinto, Bustamante, Marta Colvin, Guillermina, El Porvenir, Chacayal, Talquipen and Marta Colvin Schools from Coihueco.

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