“Tony Tonina: Fins in Action”: the Millennium Institute of Oceanography Project to Familiarize Children with Marine Sciences

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

At “Marine Flavors”, the most successful restaurant in the Pacific Ocean, we find a very unusual group of friends: Tony, a vigorous Chilean dolphin with a great talent for cooking; Lala, a sophisticated lobster who is a kitchen assistant; Estelita, a sweet and innocent starfish who will do anything to help her great friends; and Don Gritardo, a demanding and somewhat complaining sea lion. All of them give life to the children’s animated TV series: “The Scientific Recipe of Tony Tonina”, whose first season was successfully released in 2016 with funding from Explora CONICYT.

On Thursday August 17, IMO will premiere the puppet show “Tony Tonina: Fins in Action”, inspired by this TV series, in Penco. Staged by Concepción actors George Soto and Gonzalo Ramírez, this show will be attended by primary school children and will be followed by a new version of the “Travelling Scientific Audiovisual Exhibit” (MACI).

Pablo Rosenblatt, IMO’s Outreach director said: “We are really looking forward to the arrival of Tony and his friends in this show, which will present their adventures and hopefully captivate children, thereby promoting the care of the ocean, essential for life on the planet.”

Additionally, Bárbara Léniz, IMO’s Outreach deputy director, appreciates the combination of this puppet show and MACI, an iconic IMO project. "We are carrying out a comprehensive activity that’s educational, fun and innovative, bringing together theater, puppets and music. It will be followed by an audiovisual stage where children will gain new knowledge, be entertained and become familiar with the characters of the series. It will certainly be an enriching opportunity for every participant, as they will be learning while enjoying Tony’s adventures.”

It should be noted that this project is an opportunity to familiarize children with ideas such as marine pollution and marine conservation from an early age.

IMO wanted to premiere this show outside Concepción, in a place on the coast, specifically to include the inhabitants of Penco, who are very committed to raising awareness about these issues from early childhood.

Tony Tonina and his friends will be happy to welcome a big crowd at the premiere of their entertaining show, which will also be supported by undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students of marine biology and geophysics acting as IMO monitors.

This year, the puppet show will also visit other communes in the Biobío Region, such as Quillón and Coihueco, and it will continue its tour next year.

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