The winners of “Sumérgete a Explorar” met the Marine Biology Station of the Universidad de Concepción

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The winners schools of the four challenges of this contest , went to Dichato to live a day where they learned about Sea Sciences, and knew a little more about zooplankton and the vastness of the oceans.

During the visit to the Marine Biology Station of the UdeC, students from Colegio Paulo Freire, San Pedro de la Paz; Colegio Concepción de San Carlos, Escuela España of Los Angeles, and Colegio Marcela Paz of Concepción, observed zooplankton samples through magnifying glasses and living organisms in the pools of the Marine Biology Station. In addition, during the day appreciated the coastal zone through a sampling in the rocky intertidal.

The challenges for four months were to make a photomontage,a story a video and a comic related to the sea. The Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO) and the PAR Explores Biobío, made this contest to enhance the IMO website, which is proposed as an educational tool for teachers. The Deputy Director of Extension IMO, Bárbara Léniz commented that : "In this context the schools were summoned to participate in the contest Sumergete a Explorar, with the objective of educating and enchanting children in the Sciences of the Sea, about the curiosities of the oceans , Its inhabitants and, above all, to raise awareness in them for the care and conservation of our oceans".

Tamara Luna Ulloa, who is part of the extension team, alluded to the pedagogical proposal of this contest. "It is based on decentralizing the curriculum around the marine sciences and that students create other types of resources and activities by appealing to other skills such as communication, scientific and social," she said.

In 2015, the IMO and PAR Explora of Conicyt Biobío partnered to promote the website Tamara Luna commented that :"This page the first thing it have is a direct link to the curriculum, but it is not only about content it is to have fun and for all students to use it" Luna added that "We saw that there was a necessity from the teachers because they did not have this type of resources and the idea it came up to create this with a team of scientists and pedagogues".

The Escuela España won the contest in the category of stories, with "Adventures in the Sea". Roxana Jarpa teacher said that "I am always looking for instances where students learn about science in an entertaining way and when I told them about this contest, they loved the idea, they immediately became enthusiastic, and they began to visit the page and find out about what was each contests.

Meanwhile, the Executive Coordinator of PAR Explora Biobio, Rocío Cruces, said that: "The activity is very valuable for students, to experience on the ground what they see on the page and what the contest proposed. Sharing with people from other schools and other communes, makes this a very enriching experience for them".

The student of Colegio Concepción of San Carlos, Fernando Jiménez said after the visit: "it is an interesting station because it is big and beautiful and Dichato is an unequaled place. Also I knew the Universidad de Concepcion but I had never visited this place, where I learned that there are several areas in the ocean and that there are fish that can not withstand the pressure of areas in greater depth", he remembered

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