The National Sciences Award 2015 Mario Hamuy visit Concepción

Thursday, September 1, 2016

"A tour to an expanding Universe" was the talk given by Mario Hamuy which was held in the Auditorium Salvador Gálvez of the Universidad de Concepción. The event, organized by the Millennium Institute of Oceanography brought together more than 60 attendees, who enjoyed the curiosities of astronomy and the Universe.

At the conference, Mario Hamuy, National Exact Sciences Award 2015 and current president of CONICYT emphasized the immensity of the Universe and the dynamics that occur within it. "The Universe is large and vast. There are many dynamics within it. This is manifested in the movement of the stars, planetary systems, galaxies and global expansion of the universe, "he said.

Dr. Hamuy emphasizes that the universe was formed 13 thousand 800 million years ago by a high concentration of energy. This phenomenon formed molecules, atoms, stars, galaxies and also living beings. "From a relatively simple evolution that is all the energy at a single point towards a greater degree of complexity and growing," he said.

Dr. Mario Hamuy visited Concepción in the context of the inauguration of the schoolar Science Camp ChileVA!. He shown pleasantly surprised by the interest in the area: "In general there is much interest in astronomy by young people, who want to make a career in this area. It responds to the consequences of a fairly massive outreach work that has made the community of astronomers in the country”.

Dr. Hamuy congratulated the Millennium Institute of Oceanography for organizing such instances as they decrease the divide between the researcher and community.

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