Talk by IMO “Microbial world” was held in San Juan Bautista High School of Hualqui

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

On Thursday April 28, the Millennium Institute of Oceanography and the activity called "IMO at school" arrived at San Juan Bautista High School of Hualqui.

On the occasion, Dr. Alejandro Murillo, IMO postdoc, prepared a talk entitled "Microbial World". The activity was held for a group of junior year of the establishment.

The aim of this talk was to show the diversity of areas which the Microbiology has changed the quality of life in the humans. “One of the objectives was to change the concept that all microorganisms are pathogens or harmful to humans, since that is an obsolete perception, derived from clinical microbiology and the study of pathogens that affect our species. Nevertheless there are millions of other microbial species that exist in the environment and in our own bodies that are beneficial and essential for life on the planet as we know it today”, said Alejandro Murillo.

Tamara Luna, from IMO ’s outreach team, emphasized the need of support of educational institutions on issues related to the scientific world: “The students paid close attention to the exhibitor contextualized explanations. During the practical activity, they started asking questions and were very impressed with what was observed. The High school was very receptive to the activity and was attentive to new proposals of activities for where they can participate”

Is a hard work taking sciences close to the students, you have to motivate them. Jorge Zurita, The school’s responsible of sciences reaffirmed the importance of activities that link students with the scientific world: "This helps us a lot to motivate students us they discover how wide the world of scientific research is. Not only is related to working in a lab or a classroom, but also work in the field or in the case of IMO, in the ocean ".

The activity ends with microbe’s samples where students interacted and made inquiries to the expert.

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