Scientific Day Camp - ChileVA!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Scientists Campgrounds ChileVa! They are an initiative of EXPLORE CONICYT, dedicated students from second and third means from different educational establishments, which after passing a selection process, was awarded one of the 150 seats that exist for this experience.

This year, the Interactive Center of Science, Arts and Technology (CICAT), was responsible for organizing two versions of the camp in the Bio Bio region. In the first one, held in Pinto, the IMO developed a successful day of Oceanography, last December 3, 2014.

Under the second version of the camp, the day of Oceanography was held at the Marine Biological Station of Udec in Dichato, as far as 150 young people came with great enthusiasm and motivation.

Throughout the day, the students were able to enjoy four theoretical and practical workshops: El Niño - Southern Oscillation and climate; Intertidal biodiversity; Earthquakes and tsunamis; and Climate Change. These workshops were developed by a multidisciplinary team of monitors IMO, composed of professionals and students:

Bethlehem Franco, Leissing Frederick, Victor Merino, Rosario Diaz, Valentina Valdes and Eduardo Flores, graduate students in oceanography; Dharma Reyes, a student of Master of Oceanography, the Millennium Nucleus paleoclimate; Sebastian Toro and Karina Escobar, postgraduate students of education in physics; Daniel Toledo and Patricia Molina, marine biologists; Marco Sandoval, geophysics student; Pablo Fuentes, thesis student of biology; Francisca Olivares, Tamara Cuevas, Francisco Gonzalez, marine biology students UdeC; Carolina Alvarez, tesista UCSC marine biology; Tamara Moon, a professor of natural sciences; and Barbara Léniz, marine biologist, IMO expansion team.

The chilevanenses students participated with great enthusiasm in the workshops, and celebrated the day, thanking the dedication and motivation of the monitors.

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