Representatives of IMO participate in Mexico in Workshop on measurements of chemistry of the carbonate system in the framework of the LAOCA Network

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Between December 3 and 11, a workshop named "Technical Workshop on Carbonate System Measurements" was developed in Ensenada, Mexico within the framework of the Latin American Ocean Acidification Network (LAOCA). The workshop was held in dependencies of the Autonomous University of Baja California.

The objective of this meeting was to standardize through theoretical activities, mainly practical topics related to standardization in pH measurements (potentiometric and spectrophotometric), total alkalinity, dissolved inorganic carbon and pCO2.

The Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO) was represented by the associate researcher Dr. Cristian Vargas, one of those in charge of organizing the event, and the analytical chemist Lorena Arias. Also participated Dr. Antonio Cuevas, member of the MUSELS Millennium Nucleus, and in charge of the maintenance and calibration of several systems of observation of pH (SeaFET) that maintains this nucleus in the north and south of Chile.

Cristian Vargas, emphasized the practicality and collaborative work of the workshop. "It was a hands-on workshop, with representatives of up to two researchers per country. The objective was for the different countries to standardize their analysis protocols, in order to improve the quality standards of the information generated, to be able to share information, and to be part of the global databases (eg GOA-ON, IOCCP). The idea is that all these member countries of the Latin American network, measured with the same standards, "said the researcher.

It should be noted that each researcher must replicate the knowledge acquired in their countries of origin. In this way, knowledge will be massified. For the same reason, IMO will organize during March a workshop for Chilean researchers interested in improving their measurement standards in carbon chemistry, to be coordinated by researchers Cristian Vargas and Lorena Arias. "We also worked with oceanographic sensors to measure pH or CO2. Participants also interacted with the experts who developed these sensors. Dr. Todd Martz (Scripps, USA) was invited to become one of the experts who made them. The idea was to have a correct instruction to obtain future quality results, "added Cristián Vargas, about the objectives and work mode of the workshop.

Researchers from nine Latin American countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Chile, participated in this event.

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