IMO Postdoc participates in important Congress in the United States

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The IMO postdoc, Frauke Albrecht traveled to New York, USA, to participate in the International WCRP / IOC Conference 2017: Regional Sea Level Changes and Coastal Impacts.

The activity was held between 10 and 14 July, at Columbia University, where researchers from around the world presented their most recent work. Dr. Frauke presented a poster of her investigation titled: "Anthropogenic Influence on Sea Level Change in the South Pacific and associated Changes in the Subtropical Gyre Circulation in the 20th Century".

Regarding the content of her research, the scientist says: "In the last two decades a positive sea level trend has been observed in the Western South Pacific. This trend at sea level is associated with changes in the subtropical gyre in the South Pacific. The purpose of my work is to verify whether this trend is part of a natural variation or if there is an anthropogenic influence."

In this way, the results of the work led by Frauke ensure that change in the sea level has an anthropogenic influence, but also part of this tendency has natural sources. Thus, the positive trend in the Western South Pacific is a set of both.

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