Pablo Rosenblatt receives international prize for the documental series "The Strength of the Sea"

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Science in Daily Life” was the topic of the ninth version of the international science film festival held in Greece on August 31 - Septermber 7, 2015. It is relevant to point out that this is the only film festival of its kind in the country and it summons journalists, scientists, researchers and general public around different topics such as biology, astromony, the environment, education, society and science and new technologies that are presented in an interesting manner through films.

"The Strength of the Sea" was the only Latin American film recognized by the jury and the public. The film was created by Pablo Rosenblatt and his team at the Science & Life Foundation. The film was awarded within the "special mention" category.

The award for best documentary was awarded to the United Kingdom for the film "The secret life of materials" created by Meltfilms. Within the category innovation and technology the film "Eyes of Atacama" created by TerraMater (Au) was also recognized. The winner within the category Science Communication was the French documentary "Abyss depth alliance by CNRS image" created by IFREMER. Finally, the winner in the art category was the North American fil "The Great Grand Mystery" by NOVA.

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