Officially begins IMOs journey to conquer the depths of the Pacific Ocean

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A success was the opening of the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO) ceremony held in facilities of the Art Gallery (Pinacoteca) of the Universidad de Concepción, on 23 May.

With over 100 attendees, including university authorities, researchers and distinguished visitors, IMO held its inaugural act always with the aim of spreading the marine sciences. Also, highlighting its commitment to the Oceanographic Research of excellence at national and international level, along with the search and training of human resources and leading research in the South Pacific Ocean.

Virginia Garretón, executive director of Millennium Science Initiative (ICM) emphasizes the importance of IMO in the development of science: "All science we do in Chile should be disseminated. This center is a leader in science communication and dissemination of knowledge. IMO has had a great performance in terms of public opinion and reach people every day. IMO has greatly supported the development of the scientific table that is working with the red tide issue".

Osvaldo Ulloa, IMOs director, emphasizes the importance of continuing the research on Marine Sciences: "Our goal is to continue the investigation as last year, with oceanographic expeditions, incorporate more people and getting to new places. Our idea is to keep moving in formation and attract more young people. The idea is to encourage more people to collaborate in our discipline. Motivate them to work at our center in the Universidad de Concepción, and at a national level.”

Bernabé Rivas, vicerector of the Universidad de Concepción participated in the ceremony and emphasized the need to continue scientific research: "This is the first institute in the University of Concepcion that has co-funded with ICM. Today it launches, but it has been developing for a time now. Our University has contributed greatly in these initiatives. "

It should be noted that to the ceremony also attended the IMO Senior Researcher Juan Carlos Castilla and the prominent Dr. Trevor Platt . The latter also received an award for being a illustrious visit of the Universidad de Concepción.

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