New postdoc comes from France to study physical ocean processes

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Vera Oerder, physicist by profession, is the new postdoc of the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO). From France, Vera studied at Pierre et Marie Curie University; specifically in the areas of Oceanography and Climatology.

"I come from a city that is near the sea, I think this had a great influence on my specialty. I was studying pure physics, but we had science classes more related to the environment. I was interested in the area of the ocean and the atmosphere, in the background the application of physics to the sea, "says Vera in terms of motivation for the area.

The new postdoc will be working alongside IMO associate researchers Carmen Morales, Óscar Pizarro and Samuel Hormázabal, in line 1 of research entitled: "Mesoscale processes".

"My idea is to study the interactions of oceanic physics with surface atmospheric conditions at various levels. In addition, make a link with biogeochemistry, considering the level of the mesoscale that is the 1st item of the IMO. The idea is to investigate what happens within structures ranging in size from 10 to 100 kilometers, to smaller structures, "says Vera.

In this way, the Millennium Institute of Oceanography adds a foreign researcher to the team, which is beneficial for the contributions and the exchange of work that is done. "It is important the exchange of young researchers to other countries, because it allows a collaborative work and establish ties," concluded the postdoc.

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