New French student performs internship at IMO

Monday, April 4, 2016

The student is working in the laboratory of Peter von Dassow in Santiago, doing an internship that remain in Chile until July this year.

Albane Ruaud is a young French student who arrives at the Millennium Institute of Oceanography for an internship. In France, she study at the School of Engineering in Agronomy (Agrocampus Ouest); where she"s making a masters. However, at the end of his first year, she decided to pause and start this trip to Chile.

"Chile is a very good country and life is quiet here. It is very different to France. Currently, I'm doing a gap year between the first and second year of my masters. My idea is to do research on microorganisms. We are looking for natural populations of microalgae that can be transformed genetically. In theory, my part is to develop methods to easily identify microalgae and to confirm the presence of plasmids. But also helped with the development of other parts Andres Ramirez work on this and also on the part of transformation and plasmid detection, "says Albane Ruaud.

In addition to working hard in the laboratory, learning new knowledge, the idea of the young student is to know the Chilean culture. "I hope to develop new methods easy to use (not only this project but for science in general) and gain experience in biology of microalgae. Also, I want to use my free time in Chile to travel and enjoy the sights and culture. And also to improve my Spanish, " she says enthusiastically.

Albane ends her internship in July, and then continue in August with the second year of studies masters in France. An experience that undoubtedly will remain forever in her career.

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