Millennium Institute of Oceanography participates in Science Camp ChileVA! Tomé 2016

Monday, September 5, 2016

In context of Science Camp ChileVA! Tomé 2016, the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO) together with the Millennium Nucleus MUSELS presented about ocean acidification, in the conference "Close Encounters", where students were linked with academics and scientists in their visit to the campus of Universidad de Concepción, held last Tuesday, August 30.

Functioning of ecosystems, biogeochemical cycles, distribution of marine organisms and ocean acidification were some of the topics discussed by the two research centers.

Paulina Aguayo, postdoc IMO, emphasizes the importance of showing the school community the work done in the laboratories and bring science to them. "Kids really liked this activity, asked enough and were interested in these issues, which is good because it means that these activities should be made more often, so that students have an opinion and form awareness of the environment where they live, " said Paulina.

Meanwhile, Valeska San Martin, a member of MUSELS gave a talk focused on energy transfers and food webs that occur in the ocean, with emphasis on human activities in the planet. "One of the consequences of these activities is increasing the incorporation of CO2 into the atmosphere and impact on pH variations in the sea, the main theme of our project Musels. We presented some effects of this variation on our marine organisms and highlight some of the studies being developed at national level, "said the professional.

In addition, the Millennium Institute of Oceanography traveled to Tomé on August 31. On the occasion, IMO worked with the workshops: "Man in the ocean", showing aspects related to movement and physical parameters that control the ocean and the effects of the trash in the sea; and "Biogeography in the ocean", which detailed the components of the seafloor, diversity and existing ecological niches.

The monitors who carried out the activity were: Belén Franco, Daniel Veloso, Linette Tralma, Marco Sandoval, Matías Fernández, Pamela Fierro, Valentina Valdés, Walter Galdames, Alejandro Murillo, Cristóbal Aguilera, Guillermo Feliu, Laura Latorre, Leissing Frederick, Montserrat Aldunate and Caroline Nova.

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