Millennium Institute of Oceanography and Millennium Nucleus MUSELS spread marine science in San Carlos

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

On August 3, the Millennium Institute of Oceanography with the Millennium Nucleus MUSELS visited the Liceo Politécnico Ignacio Carrera Pinto of San Carlos. Around 300 students of primary and Secondary school enjoyed three lectures about oceanography, ocean acidification and trophic webs.

Carlos Henriquez, post doc IMO, appreciated the activity. His talk was linked to ocean-related terms and concepts such as photosynthesis and microorganisms that are taught in the curriculum. "It was very rewarding to communicate our work to students who are in training, especially from various schools. It is important scientifically literate. The talk was focused on ocean life, how to study and what is the impact of humans on it, "said the professional.

A positive balance made Paulina Aguayo, post doc IMO and member of MUSELS. Ocean Acidification was the concept that she worked in her presentation. "These instances serve to publicize the real problems. The talk addressed the issues of ocean acidification and climate changem how the C02 increases the temperature on Earth. In addition, the CO2 changes the pH of the ocean, "Paulina said.

Erika Jorquera, marine biologist presented the talk about trophic webs. Bringing these concepts to students was very rewarding for the team. "It's a very positive activity, it is important to disseminate science to students. My talk addressed the issue of food webs, specifically related to krill. The idea was to highlight the importance of krill and methodologies that we use to address food webs and plankton, "said Erika.

Juan Carlos Castillo, director of the Liceo Politécnico Ignacio Carrera Pinto welcomed the visit of these researchers. "It's really important that scientists at the Universidad de Concepción visit our establishment. Both for students and teachers is essential the dissemination of science ".

Finally, other establishments from the community also participated in the activity, like: Liceo Violeta Parra, Liceo Diego Portales, Liceo Sagrado Corazón, Liceo Francisco Henríquez, Liceo Santa Maria, Liceo Concepción, Escuela San José and Escuela Monteblanco.

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