MACI took the stunning ocean depths to students of Cabrero

Friday, June 17, 2016

Itinerant Scientific Audiovisual Show took place during Thursday June 16, at Alto Cabrero School and was attended by 200 children from different establishments of Cabrero, where they could learn more about the organisms living in the ocean.

The activity, developed by the Millennium Institute of Oceanography, in collaboration with PAR Explora Biobío Region, brought together primary students from Zañartu Prieto, Salto del Laja, Hogar Charrua and Alto Cabrero Schools. They worked on biodiversity, climate change and the recognition of characteristics of oceanic species through videos, experimental experiences and competitions, led by scientists monitors that handle groups of 50 kids for one hour.

Tamara Luna Ulloa, coordinator of the exhibition, said: "We are working with the managers of DAEM, which gives us another vision to generate activities between schools . " Thus, when talking to Carlos Morales, coordinator of computer science and environment in DAEM, said: "I met the IMO through Explora, where every year we participate in various activities and although the distance has keep us apart of some, is always the interest of managing both the visits from IMO or our children travelling to Concepción, with the aim of taking advantage of these educational instances".

Itinerant Scientific Audiovisual Show aims to promote awareness of marine science, to bet on the scientific literacy of students and enhance collaborative work between educational institutions and research ones, at national and regional level, making networks working among scientists, teachers and educators.

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