MACI diffuses curiosities of the ocean in the commune of Quillón

Monday, July 4, 2016

On 29 June, Itinerant Scientific Audiovisual Show arrived to Quillón. About 150 children were able to live MACI experience organized by the Millennium Institute of Oceanography and in collaboration with PAR Explora Biobío.

The activity aimed at primary and secondary students, was carried out by a group of IMO monitors; who through interactive videos and activities, brought them concepts of Oceanography. The team is formed by Guillermo Feliu, Belén Franco, Pamela Fierro, Paula Ruz and Carlos Cantergiani, all of them master and doctoral students, from IMO.

Thus, through experiments of water salinity, zooplankton samples, and videos of the series "La Fuerza del Mar” and “Las Aventuras de Ruka”; students were able to discover the curiosities of the marine world.

Ximena Becerra, coordinator of science from the Quillón city and teacher in Chemistry, made a positive assessment of the activity: "Bringing children to the wonderful world of the oceans, is very beneficial. The flora and fauna is immense and often unknown, therefore there is a mission accomplished. Many of them do not know the sea ".

Meanwhile, Tamara Luna, member of IMO’s outreach team said: "There was a large participation of primary students. A large percentage of them do not know the sea. This initiative opens up a world of knowledge about everything working in our country on Marine Science ".

The students that participated came from “Heroes Itata”, “Amanda Chávez”, “Paso El Roble” and “Laguna Avendaño” schools. This activity mark the end of Itinerant Scientific Audiovisual Show for this first semester.

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