Itinerant Scientific Audiovisual Show arrive to Mulchén

Thursday, September 29, 2016

A new version of the Itinerant Scientific Audiovisual Show (MACI), developed by the Millennium Institute of Oceanography in collaboration with PAR Explora Biobío, took place in Mulchén.

On September 26, primary students of Villa La Granja School, from Mulchén, enjoyed the activity. For primary first cycle, the day began with two episodes of the series "Las aventuras de Ruka," followed by experimental work with monitors that included zooplankton samples observation and finished with a set of questions to consolidate the acquired knowledge. In the second cycle, MACI began with the series "La fuerza del mar", then measure the temperature and salinity of the ocean.

Students are geographically distant from the sea. That is why the exhibition expectations were even higher. Monica Arrey, director of the school said: "This initiative contributes to the seal of our establishment, which is the integral development of our students. It is very important that they know nature and care about it. Our town is far away from the coast, they do not have daily access to the sea. MACI is a very good alternative to get close to the sea”.

Tamara Luna, from the Outreach team, emphasized the need to promote scientific literacy from an early age. "Students work together on a topic of oceanography. We feel that they are highly motivated and interested in marine sciences. With MACI, students can supplement their learning”.

The activity was held by IMO monitors: Dorka Guajardo, Daniel Veloso, Carlos Cantergiani, Katerin Aniñir y Carol González.

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