IMO researchers attend important symposium in India

Between 2 and 5 December, the director of the Millennium Institute of Oceanography; Dr. Osvaldo Ulloa, along with the doctoral student of the IMO; Montserrat Aldunate, participated in the Symposium "Response of the microbial community to the deoxygenation of the ocean" held in Goa, India. The event was organized by the Scientific Comitte on Oceanic Research (SCOR, where Osvaldo Ulloa is a member researcher. The symposium was held in dependencies of the National Institute of Oceanography. At the instance, both scientists gave an oral presentation about their research.

The doctoral student, Montserrat Aldunate made a positive balance of activity, emphasizing the importance of sharing with scientists who are experts in the subject. "My job is about the cyanobacterium called Prochlorococcus, which lives in anoxic marine areas. They are distributed mainly on the coasts of Mexico, northern Chile and the Arabian Sea off India. It was an excellent opportunity to meet researchers studying the same area, "said Montserrat.

In this way, Montserrat exposed the use of different sources of nitrogen by this cyanobacteria. "The idea is to study and know what these cyanobacteria are doing and what sources of nitrogen they are using. It is completely unknown, these bacteria are not cultivated and the only way to study them is through genetic studies. My research focuses on whether the genetic potential is being expressed in the use of these different components, "added the student.

In addition, Dr. Osvaldo Ulloa presented his research entitled "Metabolic Potential of Non-Cultivated Microorganisms from Marine Anoxic Zones Revealed by Single-Cell Genomics".

Other news

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