IMO Researcher and her team of school students worked in projects wich were distinguished at national level

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Four young students from Salesiano School in Concepción achieved important places in scientific research competititons; supported by the IMO researcher Pamela Hidalgo and her group of students. Research activities were conducted in the Department of Oceanography at the University of Concepción.

They were distinguished with the second place in the contest Junior del agua

Ramon Oliva (16) and Rodrigo Gonzalez (17), both in senior year of high school managed to reach second place in a national competition Junior del Agua; after being selected among the three most outstanding national projects. The Team had to present their project to a jury of scientists and professionals from the field of science; finally they were awarded in Santiago.

The problem of lack of water is a constant concern, and a main motivation for young people in participating in this kind of projects. "We wanted to cover this problem. Our idea was to obtain freshwater from the sea. Through desalting water like an ecological process and environmentally friendly, "says Ramon Oliva.

" We knew about this competition last year (2015). With our teacher, Tamara Luna, we set out a goal to create a project that could solve the problem that exists today with water. It was hard work throughout all 2015, with Dr. Pamela Hidalgo and her team of IMO, "says Rodrigo Gonzalez, member of the group who competed in this contest.

Although they reached second place, the students are satisfied with the knowledge and the teamwork that we have after this experience. "There are mixed feelings. We fail to reach Sweden, which was the ultimate prize. However, we are pleased with our performance, we are the second national price of a competition of this nature, "emphasizes Ramon Oliva.

It should be noted that this is an international competition organized by Stockholm’s Junior Water Prize (SIWI). They promote the participation of young scientists in research of water resources and thus make proposals to contribute to the sustainable development of water. The winner represents the country in the international version of the contest, a body that is developed in Sweden.

Getting to know Antarctica

An unforgettable experience was lived by Jose Garrido (15) and Dario Salgado (16). After participating in the XII Antarctic School Fair, both had the privilege to get as a prize a trip of five days in this hidden place of Chile called Antarctica.

"Our project was related to climate change. The title of our research was: How climate change affects copepods in the Southern Ocean. We wanted to study the arrival of two species of copepods that are in the Chilean coast, and investigate what would happen and what effect would have on this place on earth, "says Dario Salgado.

A process that lasted several months, where students had to research and work on issues related to the area. "Laboratory work lasted a month. But we were involved all year, studying all 2015 on copepods. In addition to topics such as currents, effects on the ocean and features of Antarctica, "says Jose Garrido.

Pamela Hidalgo, researcher at IMO; with her group of students, were those who supported these four students with this contests. "The important thing is to prepare our students and society with science. These students have believed in us and in our studies, it is important to support them. They are our projection. This has been a joint effort, thanks to the motivation of these high school students., they worked overtime, weekends and had invested a lot of time, and dedication, "says Pamela.

Work in such a specific concepts of science is always a challenge, and more with high school students. Pamela is pleased with the work done, saying: "It's a big responsibility, one speaks to them in very specific terms. Children in the ages of 15 or 16 years old who are doing research in zooplankton is a great challenge and I feel great pleasure in there effort. We generated in them a concern for science, that is very rewarding. Our duty to the students are the most important for us as a Institution. "

Undoubtedly these four young people have a great future in the area of science, as well as being an example of what steady work pays off. Link students at an early age with science, generates a change in there way of thinking when reaching adulthood.

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