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Friday, July 31, 2015

Osvaldo Ulloa was one of the invited speakers for the 'Applied & Enviromental Microbiology' Gordon Research Conference held in Bostos, United States, in July 2015..

The influence of microbes in climate change by means of consumption and produtions of greenhouse effect gases, bioremediation and pollution of earth and water, production of biofuel and the use of biocatalytics and the influence of microbes in human health were some of the topics of the Gordon Research Conference (GRC), held on 12-17 July 2015.

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Osvaldo Ulloa, participated with the lecture 'Picocyanobacteria in Oxygen Minimum Zones of the Pacific' in the frame of the session Marine Biogeochemistry. The purpose of his lecture was to inform about his current research which aims to understand the adaptations at a genomic level and the biogeochemical role of cyanobacteria in marine anoxic water.

The GRC Conferences are one of the most important open forums for the latest discoveries in ecology and the industrial applications of microorganisms ranging from single-cell organisms to ecosystems. Some of the topics that were discussed included the ecophysiology of microbes, molecular ecology, genomic, metagenomic and postgenomic technologies, diversity of microbial life, the roles of these microorganisms on life on earth and the applications of microbes in medicine, agricultures, biotechnology and food industria. The Scientific Sessions included presentation and debates on the biogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur, interactions between microbes, animals and plant, interactions between virus and the host, microbial signalling and communication, electromicrobiology and the use of genomics/postgenomics in environmental and industrial microbiology, among others.

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