Instituto Milenio de Oceanografía launches second version of Virtual Aquarius "Sumérgete"

Friday, March 31, 2017

The proposal, which seeks to enchant students of primary, high school and general public, with the Sciences of the Sea, launched this week a new version with more interactive content on the curiosities of the Pacific Ocean.

The Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO) along with its Extension area offers the community a virtual platform called "Dive: A journey through the Pacific Ocean". With diagrams, videos, audios and interactive graphics, the website invites you to take a tour of the different marine environments associated with our country, knowing its characteristics, the living beings that inhabit it, its physical and chemical processes, and the impact that the Human being has on it. In particular, the main novelty is the new room entitled "Oceanic Islands", which is added to that of the "Intertidal" and the "Coastal Ocean". This new room was developed in conjunction with the Millennium Nucleus of Ecology and Sustainable Management of Oceanic Islands (ESMOI). What are seamounts? How does an Oceanic Island form? Or how they have adapted the species that inhabit them ?, are some of the questions that will have their answers in this virtual aquarium.

Bárbara Léniz, marine biologist and deputy director of the IMO Extension area, says how important it is to disseminate Marine Sciences for this project. "For the IMO it is fundamental to generate tools that allow the community, both school and general, to approach in an entertaining way the Sciences of the Sea. Using for this the platforms closer to the people, such as digital, web and The audiovisuals, "said the professional.

In addition, it is important to highlight the added value of this new version 2017, with many new features that complete the proposal that began in 2015. "In this updated version of Sumérgete, we can see a wider map of our territory, giving space to all Marine environments of our country. In this way, the user can navigate the home, discovering the rooms that make up this platform. Also, with this version 2.0, we launched the new "Islands Oceanic" room, developed thanks to the collaboration of the Millennium Nucleus of Ecology and Sustainable Management of Oceanic Islands (ESMOI), concluded Barbara.

Contest Sumérgete a Explorar

For the second consecutive year, the IMO along with PAR Explora Biobío launch a contest associated to the web platform Sumérgete. This is the " Sumérgete a Explorar " proposal, which invites students of Basic Education and Media to participate. The way, is creating a story and / or a video, with the stopmotion technique. The particularity is that the students, along with their teacher guide should enter the website, investigate and select an environment in which the story to be developed, either as story and / or stopmotion video. The most innovative proposals and with justified scientific support, can win a prize. This is a day of Sea Sciences, with interactive workshops prepared by the Millennium Institute of Oceanography at the Marine Biology Station of the Universidad de Concepción, located in Dichato.

Rocío Cruces, coordinator of the PAR Explor Biobío performs a positive balance of previous experience, in addition to the expectations of this year. "Expectations are related to the incorporation of more teachers from all over our region to participate in the contest, we hope to excite teachers from other areas such as language and arts and hopefully work together with science teachers.

The 2016 experience allowed us to evaluate which areas were most valued by the students in terms of participation, discovering that the stories are very well worked and have a lot of potential for the new contest ", emphasized Rocío.

Finally, another of the novelties of this year is that both teachers and students can receive training to learn techniques and implement them in their proposals for story writing and video editing. In addition, to access a constant scientific feedback to their creations.

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