IMO performs the first Itinerant Scientific Audiovisual Show of the year in Talcahuano

Thursday, March 31, 2016

The activity was held on 30 th of March at the Etchegoyen College in Talcahuano, with a great attendance and student participation.

Successfully carried out, the activity MACI (Itinerant Scientific Audiovisual Sample), initiative by the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO) and organized by the Outreach Team. Through a recreational activities, we sought to bring the concept of Oceanography to children in the first and second cycle (Middle School ans junior high) cycle o f the Etchegoyen College of Talcahuano this time.

various activities were held for ,their knowledge of the area. Meanwhile, junior students had the opportunity not only to discuss, but also to discover the zooplankton through an experiment. At the end, it was concluded with a set of interactive questions.

Tamara Luna, IMO’S Professional Extension Team said: "I felt that the school was committed to the activity, also being hosted by the Schooi was very pleasing. Students in first and second cycle felt motivated, entertained and eager and even had fun about this experience. The teachers also participated in the activity, they engaged in learning that the monitors were delivered to students. I think starting with this information when they are at a youmg age with the importance of the ocean in our country, It is relevant and impactful for social culture, when they become adults. "

Juan Carlos Arancibia, head of the Pedagogical Technical Unit (UTP) of Etchegoyen College agreed with the activity and emphasized the importance of these activities for the training of students. "I found it very attractive. We are trying our students to have more activities connected with reality. In Talcahuano, we are in a port city. That is why it is even more relevant experiences like the one we live in today. It is the first time we work MACI and I agree with this concepts for students, it is entertaining way to learn, "said the faculty professional.

Note that the following MACI be presented at the Aurora de Chile Chiguayante College and will seek to replicate the same experience they could live the students of this school of Talcahuano.

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