IMO surprises with the curiosities of the sea to students of the Colegio Madres Domínicas de Concepción

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

On November 29, the students of fourth level of the Colegio Carmela Romero de Espinosa of Concepción Madres Domínicas, visited the Station of Marine Biology of the Universidad de Concepción in an activity that sought to link them to the Sciences of the Sea.

Members of the Extension Team of the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO), prepared fun workshops. The first one was related to the most representative organisms of the Ocean and its characteristics. Then, the students lived an Itinerant Scientific Audiovisual Sample (MACI); where they could meet representatives of zooplankton, in addition to measuring the salinity and temperature of the oceans.

The activity continued with an introduction on the intertidal and later a visit to this sector of Dichato, where they knew some of the organisms that inhabit there.

Carolina Ruiz, chief professor of the course, valued the instance as a real approach to scientific issues. "It is very significant that children participate in this activity through a largely constructive learning. That children can interact in first person with scientists linked to the Sciences of the Sea is important, through a concrete learning. This area needs to be strengthened in the children's school curriculum, "emphasized the educator.

A month ago, these same students received an educational chat from the IMO, where they decorated glasses of plumavit that were sent in the CIMAR 22 Expedition. About this activity, Bárbara Léniz, deputy director of the Extension team stated that: "The children were able to decorate these glasses, which were launched between 400 and 900 meters deep. They should reflect on what might happen in this situation. We handed them the glasses and they could see the effect of the pressure in the ocean. The glasses of plumavit reduce their size by the effect of water pressure, "concluded Bárbara.

In total there were 40 children who lived this experience, whose objective was to immerse them under the curiosities and immensity of the ocean.

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