IMO supports new students with scholarship program

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Millennium Institute of Oceanography supports thesis projects with a scholarship program. This time, 7 master students and 5 undergraduate students will be supported by IMO for to develop their research.

Osvaldo Ulloa, IMO’s director believes in the importance to support new students: “one of the missions of IMO is to increase human resources in marine science. Is very important for us to recruit people even at an early age, but interested in ocean studying and the issues we afford in IMO”.

Belen Franco, student of the Program Master of Science majoring in oceanography, received a scholarship from IMO this year. Enthusiastic, she is ready to continue with her studies. “To get this IMO scholarship, after finished my original funding (Conycit), I feel backed up by the Institute, to continue with my scientific interests and to finish my studies in the best way. I hope that IMO maintain overtime this kind of initiative, because there is an important source for the people that needs training to pursue a scientific career”, Belen says.

The student is already working on her thesis project with IMO researchers. "We studied the intestinal microbiota of some components of zooplankton and integrate two study areas of oceanography: the ecology of zooplankton and microbial oceanography. This thesis is being guided by Pamela Hidalgo, Alejandro Murillo and Osvaldo Ulloa. So, my main commitment is to conclude this investigation that is running more than a year and obtain the degree of magister within the time limits given by the program and the scholarship".

Dario Torres is a student of Geophysics at the University of Concepcion and this year shall make his thesis. The student is grateful for the opportunity: "Is important to get financial support, in this case by IMO, because it is delivers a greater degree of seriousness to the development of the research carried out ".

Dario’s thesis subject is about variations in sea temperature off Chilean coast during the last decade.

All the beneficiaries of the scholarships made projects according to the four research lines of IMO: Mesoscale Processes, Oceanic Variability, Adaptations to a changing Ocean and Deep Ocean.

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