IMO Student Completes Successful Internship in France

Thursday, March 23, 2017

IMO Master’s in Oceanography student Pamela Fierro completed an internship in Banyuls-sur-Mer, France, from January 9 to February 10, 2017.

This internship took place at Pierre et Marie Curie University in the context of the collaboration between that educational institution and the University of Concepción. During that period, Pamela worked with Dr. Claude Razouls, a renowned copepod taxonomist: "I studied taxonomy, both in the literature (through taxonomic keys) and as a complement to observation, through a magnifying glass, of some marine organisms inhabiting the seamounts of the Juan Fernández Ridge, which are dealt with in my thesis," explained Fierro.

This experience allowed Pamela to advance in her research project and is also good for her résumé. “You really learn a lot when interacting with such a knowledgeable person. I had the opportunity to learn, and to acquire new study techniques, which is really important when you think that I’m still being trained in taxonomy. Sharing another generation’s experiences and approaches to the subject is not only motivating, but also prevents knowledge in an area of classical science such as copepod taxonomy from being forgotten," concluded Pamela.

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