IMO’s Audiovisual shows in Talcahuano

Monday, August 29, 2016

On 19 and 23 August, the Millennium Institute of Oceanography in collaboration with PAR Explora Biobío visited Talcahuano, where two successful days of l Itinerant Scientific Audiovisual Show (MACI) for primary and secondary students were developed.

About 200 students lived MACI experience, in its two days. The students of Anita Serrano School and Liceo A-21 Talcahuano discovered the curiosities of the ocean. Here, the main theme was the trash of the ocean. Students went through video expositions and ocean gyres experiments.

Primary students of Huertos Familiares, Santa Clara, Cerro Cornou and Anita Serrano schools, participated with Zooplankton samples, salinity in the ocean and interactive videos as they enjoyed the activity. Tamara Luna, from IMO’s outreach team, assessed the day: "MACI for secondary students was our pilot. We make a positive balance, the students evaluated positively the activity, the same as their teachers. We boarded the trash in the ocean, from the physical point of view, the explanation is contextualized to what happens in our country. We try to encourage students to reduce their impact on the environment.”

A good balance of the activity made Erika Gutierrez, coordinator of the scientific area of Talcahuano, noting that "students are excited to participate, in knowing more about the ocean. They all have the willingness to learn new and different concepts. These activities contribute to their education. "

IMO’s team in this activity was led by the marine biologists Pamela Fierro, Belen Franco, Guillermo Feliú, Carlos Cantergiani and students of Geophysics of Universidad de Concepción, Darío Torres and Cristóbal Aguilera.

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