IMO researcher Víctor Aguilera participates in 4th International Symposium on the Ocean in High CO2 World

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

In the context of 4th International Symposium on the Ocean in High CO2 World developed in Australia, between 4 and 6 May, the researcher Víctor Aguilera IMO presented the results of Fondecyt 11130495 RELOAD project called "Interplay Between REmote & Local Ocean Acidification Drivers in Chilean coasts." The information corresponds to the chapter called Temporal variability in Marine Carbonate Upwelling System in the Environment of the same project.

Also, Víctor participated in the Goan On (Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network) workshop. Goan On is a global network to observation and collaboration for the study of marine carbon chemistry.

“I have managed to develop a time series describing the temporal variability of the marine carbonate system in a quasi-permanent upwelling system, found off the coast of the Atacama Desert, because of the gaps in information respect to the South Pacific Ocean acidification. By the time, the highlight is that the marine pH varies seasonally, with higher values in the warm season (spring - summer) and low pH values in the warm season (autumn - winter). This, having in account that seasonality is less noticeable at 21 ° S. Why this variability occurs? It is something that you work currently considering here's permanent upwelling corrosive water and during 2015 and part of 2016 has also been perceived variability of remote origin”, said the professional.

The international initiative Goan On, has invited Dr. Víctor Aguilera to collaborate and seek ways to maintain this time series. "Since the information of marine chemistry at the northern coast of Chile to date it had been obtained discretely, ie. low temporal resolution, generating a time series obtained through the implementation of standard methods in the GOA network oN, generated interest from the community so was invited to participate in the third workshop, whose ultimate goal is the generation of a document not only with requirements or governance plan as it had been until now, but with recommendations for the various types marine ecosystems", Víctor said.

Besides, this alliance creates links with the Laboratory of Coastal Oceanography LODEC Desert.

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