IMO participated in the Fair of Sciences of Instituto de Humanidades

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

With the objective to diffuse the Marine Sciences, the Millennium Institute of Oceanography joined to the celebration of the Science month, this time participating in the fair prepared by the Instituto de Humanidades of Concepción.

On October 12, IMO went to the establishment to present the stand entitled "Inhabitants of the Ocean: zooplankton and depth organisms" In addition, they give information and material about the projects "Sumérgete" and "La Receta Científica de Tony Tonina" On the occasion, students from pre-kindergarten and fourth medio level received information and didactic material, besides that they enjoyed an experiment related with the ocean strength currents and trash in the ocean.

Mónica Rodriguez, head of the Science Department of the Institute of Humanities Concepcion emphasized the need for these initiatives to disseminate and popularize science among students. "We want to share Sciences with some schools in the region of Biobio and various research centers at the Universidad de Concepción. The idea is that students can talk not only with their peers but also with researchers. The students presented projects related to physics, chemistry and biology " she said.

In the instance also participated INCAR, COPAS Sur-Austral, Botany and Zoology Department and Molecular Immunology Laboratory. The Millennium Institute of Oceanography was represented by members of the outreach team, in addition marine biologists and Oceanography master students, Belén Franco and Guillermo Feliu.

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