IMO impresses with curiosities of the sea in Scientific Conference of Llico

Monday, November 28, 2016

With the objetive of bringing science to the students of Llico, province of Arauco, the Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO) participated on Tuesday, November 22, in this scientific fair held between November 22 and 24, in the Liceo Técnico Profesional Filidor Gaete Monsalve.

The IMO joined with other scientific research centers at the fair. With samples of zooplankton, deep fish and general information about the projects "Sumergete" and "La Receta Científica de Tony Tonina", the students were internalized about the Ocean. Simultaneously, an Itinerant Scientific Audiovisual Exhibition (MACI) was carried out with the participation of 100 children of Basic Education. On the occasion, they discovered the curiosities of the Pacific Ocean with entertaining interactive videos, zooplankton samples, drawings and finished with a set of questions.

Patricia Molina, Science and Environment coordinator of the commune of Llico valued the activity as an instance of approach to issues remote to the area. "The objective is to promote science in students from different schools in the commune of Arauco. Students are very far from this area, despite their interest in science. The idea is that they have the tools so later project themselves as scientists, "said the professional.

Pablo Carrasco, member of the Extension area of INCAR participated in the organization of the event. "The scientific fair is part of a program called Scientific Days in Llico, and this is its second year of execution. The objective of this fair was to bring the science of excellence closer to schools of the coastal edge of the commune of Arauco and other establishments of the province ", assured the scientist.

It should be noted that the following activities were also carried out: CHRIAM (Center for Water Resources for Agriculture and Mining), COPAS, Sur-Austral, INCAR (Interdisciplinary Center for Aquaculture Research) and Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Universidad de Concepción. Also participated the Maritime Government of Talcahuano and the Indigenous Community Tropén.

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