IMO disseminates the Sciences of the Sea in Congress of the Future for Young People

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

With the objetive of encouraging basic and high school students with the sciences, was realized between the 17 and 18 of last November, "Futuristas"; the first Congress of the Future for Youth in dependencies of the ex National Congress of Santiago.

The meeting was attended by specialists from various areas of science. The Millennium Institute of Oceanography participated in the activity through the talks: "The great challenges of the study of the ocean", our post doc Alejandro Murillo, and "My Chile is sea" by IMO senior researcher Juan Carlos Castilla. In addition, IMO was present with a stand, which included general information of the institute, samples of zooplankton and phytoplankton, in charge of the post doc Pedro Echeveste and representatives of the outreach team.

Alejandro Murillo, emphasized the importance of the presence of plankton in the Ocean and made a positive balance of activity: "Chile is an oceanic country, a country with coast, we have great possibilities for research and technological development in the Ocean. But people do not value it. Chile is a relevant actor in what could happen in the future, "said the post doc. In this way, the idea was to deliver a message to the students and to share and disseminate it in their communities.

For Juan Carlos Castilla this is an ideal opportunity to reencourage the younger with sciences: "I think it is an extraordinary initiative, we are reaching to thousands of children in Chile. The idea is to transmit the work and dedication that scientists feel for their work to children, but with a clear and simple message, "said the professional. Through his talk, Juan Carlos Castilla introduced the concept of maritime territory and its importance in the country.

The event was organized by the Commission Challenges of the Future of the Senate and was attended by more than 8 thousand schools through streaming.

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