IMO brought Oceanography to the Science Camp Chile Va! in Pinto

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Under the new version of Science Camp Chile Va! 2016, the Millennium Institute of Oceanography participated in the instance, which was developed last August 10.

On the occasion, a group of 20 students and doctors, IMO presented two talks related to marine science. 150 secondary students enjoyed the workshops: "Biogeography of the ocean" and "Humans in the ocean".

The workshops focused on the physics of the ocean, the parameters of circulation and the impact of human in it. In addition, biogeography of the ocean and the characteristics of the ocean floor. Alejandro Murillo, post doc IMO, made a positive assessment of the activity. "It is noted that students are here because they are interested in science. We try to give an overview of what we work on Oceanography, globally. We speak from the ocean surface to the depths. We also review the organisms that live in this area, how we study the ocean and the technology we use, "said the professional.

The impact of trash in the ocean is remarkable, specifically in the case of plastics. This was one of the issues addressed by the second workshop. Valentina Valdés, IMO doctoral student, said that "we wanted to reflect how man has impacted the ocean. The experiments were based on plastic in the ocean, simulating great gyres and wanted to comment on how the trash islands were formed over the years. We are amazed at the amount of knowledge that handle the children, they are also very interested in science, which is rewarding for us. "

Paulina Aguayo, postdoc IMO, is participating as scientific advisor in the camp. A very rewarding experience for her because "it is a very good activity for students, these instances are excellent, as students approach the scientific work done at the University. Students have live the work of scientists in the area. It is the first time I have participated as scientific advisor, and has been a rewarding experience, I have supported the organization and resolve doubts of students. It's been a learning that can be applied in the outreach talks we usually do. "

IMO will have a new participation in the upcoming camp Chile Va! which will take place on August 31 in Tomé.

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