IMO brings MACI to Coihueco

Sunday, August 28, 2016

On August 25, Itinerant Scientific Audiovisual Show (MACI) Millennium Institute of Oceanography returns to Coihueco, after its first visit on June 14. About 200 students of primary education, of El Porvenir de Cato, Héroes de Iquique and Domitila Urrejola Schools, enjoyed the proposal that seeks to encourage students with marine science.

Patricio Muñoz, Headmaster of El Porvenir Cato school, made a positive assessment of the activity, due to the remoteness of the town to the coast. "It is an excellent initiative of IMO to travel to rural communes of Biobío. Sciences reaching educational institutions like ours is spectacular. We are part of the premountain range of our region, and therefore not all students have the opportunity to travel to the coast, "said the professional.

With energy and encouragementm students participated in this activity. TamaraLuna, member of IMO outreach team emphasized the students' interest. "The interest of an activity related with the sea, in a remote commune, is evident. Perception and reception of students is extraordinary. They are motivated and excited about learning." Tamara said.

Students were able to experience a different geographic reality than the one they live. Mario Poblete, science teacher in El Porvenir Cato school said that "There was a lot of interest of students to participate in this new activity. I am struck by the desire of them to learn and experience a different reality. We are in a premountain range environment, there is little information that students have of the coast ".

The activity was conducted in collaboration with PAR Explora Biobío and Coihueco’s DAEM, with the aim of bringing Oceanography to children in the region.

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